Saturday, October 20, 2007

Compromise vs. Solution

We encounter a lot of problems and there are two ways to get rid of that problem, we can either come up with a solution or make a compromise. Let me clarify using a real world example: global warming. Is driving less a solution? Is using hybrid cars with high MPG a solution? What about all the containers of consumer products? Should everything I buy be without a container since the container will eventually become trash that adds to the planet's trash problem? Should I have to bring my own reusable containers to the supermarket to pick up some deli meat? The answers to these questions vary and they should make the distinction between compromise and solution. Driving less is a compromise, no one should have to make sacrifices of convenience in a solution. No one should have to worry about buying a bottle of water because that plastic bottle will be waste some day.

Anyway, to get to the point, compromises don't get us anywhere, they just replace one problem with one or even more other problems.

If there is a problem, seeking a compromise is the easy way out but the solution is often well worth the extra effort.